What does the "TrainingPeaks Uploads" feature do?

TrainingPeaks Uploads allows you to upload Best Bike Split race plan files directly to your connected TrainingPeaks calendar as a structured workout. This feature is located on each of the race details pages.

Upload Race Plans as Workouts
Paid Best Bike Split subscriptions that are connected to a TrainingPeaks premium athlete account can upload race plans as workouts directly to their connected TrainingPeaks' calendar.

Race plans can be uploaded as either a time or distance based structured workout. Time-based workouts are great for synching with training platforms like Zwift, while distance-based workouts are better for comparing your plan to your actual power on race day.

Please note that TrainingPeaks will not calculate planned TSS or IF for distance based workouts.

Please note that structured workouts are based on %FTP. For best results, please confirm that your or your athlete's FTP matches up in Best Bike Split and TrainingPeaks.

Uploaded Race Plans Auto Sync
After uploading your race plan as a structured workout to TrainingPeaks it will auto sync with Zwift, Garmin and other TP partners.

Please note that when structured workouts are auto synced from TrainingPeaks to Garmin, Garmin will only use the first 50 steps of the work.

Compare Race Plan to Actual Race Data
The uploaded race plan can also be used to compare your plan (structured workout) to the actual race data. Read more about this feature on TrainingPeaks.com