How do I load my Best Bike Split race plan into the Zwift application?

Zwift is a social indoor cycling video game and training platform. It allows cyclists to train and ride in a beautiful 3D environment along with other riders from anywhere on the planet. We have created a special Zwift workout file that allows athletes to load BBS Race plans as workouts into the Zwift workout library. This file type is in beta as we add additional features to it over the off season such as on screen instructions for road gradients and weather conditions.

Here are the steps for getting race based power workouts transferred from Best Bike Split to the Zwift application.

  1. First you must have a Best Bike Split and a Zwift account.

  2. Create a Athlete Profile in Best Bike Split to get baseline information such as FTP.

  3. Upload a course or courses you wish to model into Best Bike Split in .GPX Track or .FIT Activit format or choose one or more courses from our growing database.

  4. Create a race plan based on Goal IF, Time or TSS.

  5. From the Race Details page download the Zwift file type (a .ZWO file).

  6. Place this file into your documents/zwift/workouts directory on your computer. (NOTE: Group BBS workouts in the Zwift interface by adding a new directory called BBS inside the workouts directory.)

  7. Open Zwift and your BBS workout will be available.