What are some of Garmin's BBS Power Targets best practices?

  1. Download the BBS Power Targets Data Field from the Garmin Connect IQ Store and add to any screens you would like to have Power Targets displayed.
  2. Make sure the course you have selected for your Race Plan follows the route and roads indicated by the race guide.
  3. Check the Course Elevation to make sure it looks accurate.
  4. Create a course file where the start of the course is a bit farther (1 km - .5 miles) from the start line so the device will be able to find the start of the course.
    1. You can do this by cropping a course to move the start line and duplicating your race plan.
  5. Assuming you have shortened the course slightly as shown above choose to navigate to start of course when Garmin prompts you. This should help the Garmin device ensure you are at the right place/time on the course for the given target, which is especially helpful on out and back or looped courses.
    1. If you have not shortened the course always select no when asked to navigate to start of course.

Download the Power Targets data field from the Garmin Connect IQ store.