How do I know which "Course Road Condition" to select for my race course?

Select the condition that best fits the majority of the race course. Road condition can greatly affect drag especially over long courses. Take a look at these more detailed descriptions.

  • Perfect (track surface)
    This should only be used if you are racing on near perfect track-like road conditions.

  • Good (smooth asphalt)
    Good conditions would include fresh asphalt or smooth concrete roads.

  • Average (typical road mix)
    The average setting typifies the typical road conditions observed at most triathlons or time trials. Examples include a mixture of worn concrete with minor cracks or rougher asphalt.

  • Poor (cracked/worn roads)
    Poor road conditions include sections of considerable cracked concrete or worn down chip-seal. Roads that are not well maintained would also fall in this category.

  • Rough (fresh chip seal)
    These roads may cause considerable bouncing up and down more than forward momentum. Fresh chip-seal or sections of cobbles may require the use of this setting.