How do I know which "Racing Position" to select for my riding style?

This is the position that you spend the majority of a race in. Short distance triathletes and time-trialist may have an aggressive position, but most long distance athletes will be more relaxed. Here are the available race position options.

  • Tops
    This position is mostly upright. Imagine riding your Tri or Road Bike for an easy spin.

  • Hoods/Bullhorns
    Use this setting if you have a slight bend at your torso and your arms are roughly shoulder width apart.

  • Drops
    This setting is reserved mostly for those racing on road bikes in short time trials where an athlete will stay in the drops. It is possible for the drag to be better in the drops than on a triathlon or time trial bike depending on the athlete.

  • Aerobars (Recreational Triathlete)
    This setting is for those who have very little flexibility and use the aerobar more for long distance support. On a Tri Bike if your bars are at or a bit above your seat this may be a good setting for you. Consequently you could also measure your Torso Angle and if it falls in a 45+ degrees range this would be a setting to start with.

  • Aerobars (Midpack Triathlete)
    If you are not very flexible and have a fairly upright position this is a good starting setting. If you are using clip on bars you may want to start with this setting as well.

  • Aerobars (Advanced Triathlete)
    This would be the standard setting for the majority of triathletes and time trialists. It represents a good aero position that you would achieve if you are fairly flexible and have a proper bike fit.

  • Aerobars (Elite/Pro Time Trial)
    Time trial specialists and small or very flexible triathletes will fit under this category. It may be very difficult to hold this position for more than a 40k race although some triathletes can hold a very tight position for races up to a half distance.