How do I create my first race plan?

The first time you sign on to your account the app should walk you through the basic setup, but it is pretty straightforward and you should be up and running (rolling) in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Create your athlete profile

    • We will roughly estimate your FTP and Max HR based on your age and weight, but you should manually input your FTP if it's known.

    • Note that your weight should include your cycling kit, helmet, shoes, hydration, etc.

    • It's important to have an accurate FTP value (see "What is FTP and how do I get mine?")

  2. Create a bike profile

    • This will estimate initial drag values for you based on your riding style, alternately you may use your measurements or input a known CdA value.

    • Make sure to use your complete race ready bike weight (water bottles, pedals, etc)

    • Bike drag values can be adjusted after running a model and comparing to a previous race.

  3. Upload a Course or Add one from our Existing Courses

    • Currently we only support GPX Track Files and FIT Activity Files for course uploads. Course or route data can be used directly from your device as FIT (activity) files or it can be downloaded as GPX (track)/FIT (activity) files from multiple applications such as TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, RideWithGPS, Strava, etc. Note that courses can also be created manually on sites such as RideWithGPS.com and then the resulting GPX Track file can be exported for use with Best Bike Split.

  4. Create a Race Plan

    • Many members use their first race plan to compare to a previous race to calibrate bike drag settings

    • Try file downloads to test out training indoors, comparing plan data to actual results or executing the race plan with power prompts using a Garmin Edge Computer or Wahoo ELEMNT.

    • Take a look at the cheat sheet for handy scenario based power targets.

Creating Your First Race Plan