What is the BBS AI Workout Builder?

The BBS AI Workout Builder is a tool that allows cyclists to create personalized, structured workouts based on specific race scenarios or personal training goals. Using an AI prompt and/or selecting a previous race plan, athletes and coaches can input detailed requirements and generate workouts that meet their needs, whether for a specific type of race plan, general race scenario, or performance improvement.

Example AI prompts to use with a race plan:

  • "Create a workout that helps me prepare for my goal race power."

  • "Develop a workout that will help me for the weather conditions expected in my race."

  • "Build a workout that will help me with the major climbs in my race plan."

  • "Generate a workout that targets to same zones I will experience in my race."

  • "Design a key workout that preps me for the altitude differences from my training and my race conditions."

Example AI prompts without a race plan:

  • "Create a workout to help me build power for a gravel race with short, punchy climbs."

  • "Create a workout that prepares me for a mountain stage with long sustained climbs."

  • "Generate a recovery ride workout that helps with muscle fatigue after a hard race day."

  • "Design an interval training session focusing on sprint finishes."

  • "Build a workout that improves endurance for multi-day cycling events."

  • "Make a workout with varied intensity to simulate rolling hills on a mixed terrain course."

  • "Create a workout that helps me pace windy time trials."