How do I add, invite or connect athletes to my coach account?

Adding a New Athlete Account

To add an athlete who does not currently have a free or premium account, go to your My Athletes page, and either click the "Add Athlete" button and set up their profile manually or if you are a TrainingPeaks coach and have connected your account to TrainingPeaks you can select an existing athlete profile from your list of TrainingPeaks athletes by clicking the "Add Athlete" button next to the athlete in your list of TrainingPeaks athletes. The athlete will then be listed as a non-member in your athlete list. Note that the athlete does not have access to this type of account, since you added the athlete.

Inviting an Athlete to Access an Account

If you would like to give the athlete access to their account, you can invite them to join Best Bike Split. They will then be able to login and gain access to their profile, bikes, courses, and races. To do this just click the "Invite to Membership" button located in that athlete's overview on your My Athletes page, then fill in the athlete's email address. We will send an email to your athlete with instructions on how to login to their new Athlete account. Note that athletes with a free account will have limited access to features such as adding bikes and races on their own.

Connecting an Athlete With an Existing Account

If an athlete already has a free or premium membership, you can request access to connect to their profile by clicking the "Invite Athlete" button and completing the form. We will then send them an email with instructions on how to grant you access to their existing athlete account.

The next time you log in or refresh your list of athletes, you will see pending athlete requests. Just click the green button to accept the pending athlete.

Adding and Connecting TrainingPeaks Based Athletes

If you are connected to a TrainingPeaks coach account, you will see an additional list of athletes from your TrainingPeaks account just below your list of Best Bike Split athletes. You can use these TrainingPeaks athlete profiles to help you quickly add new Best Bike Split athlete accounts/profiles. Click the "Add Athlete" button for that TrainingPeaks athlete account to create a new athlete profile in Best Bike Split for that athlete. You can connect a Best Bike Split athlete account to their TrainingPeaks account by clicking the "Connect" button and then selecting the athlete profile that you would like to connect it to. Athlete accounts that are connected to a TrainingPeaks account allow for you to upload race plans as a structured workout to that athlete's TrainingPeaks premium or coached athlete account.