How does Best Bike Split classify climbs?

Best Bike Split categorizes climbs using a scoring system that is based on the grade and distance of the climb. This system mimics the published logic used by Strava for climb categorization.

To determine the category of a climb, the algorithm checks if the grade is greater than or equal to 3.0% and if the climb distance is greater than or equal to 300 meters. If these conditions are met, the climb is considered significant, and its score is calculated as:

Climb Score = Climb Distance * Grade

Based on the climb score, the climb is categorized into one of the following categories:

  • HC (Hors Catégorie): Climb Score ≥ 80,000

  • Cat1 (Category 1): Climb Score ≥ 64,000

  • Cat2 (Category 2): Climb Score ≥ 32,000

  • Cat3 (Category 3): Climb Score ≥ 16,000

  • Cat4 (Category 4): Climb Score ≥ 8,000